Jira Software Cloud, next-gen project: How to create a read only access for customer

a_bardini November 29, 2022

Hi guys,

In my company we're using a Jira Software next-gen projects in Cloud, one for each customer and some other internal projects.

We need to give a read only access to our customer to a single project (then 1 account for a customer that can access to only 1 project).

What are the possibility to give a read only access to one of our projects?
Another problem: we have a lot of already created comments under the Cards, how can I "hide" this old comments?

Does we have some configurations that I can set? Does we have some external plugin born to give this kind of access?

Thanks in advance


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Trudy Claspill
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November 29, 2022

Hello @a_bardini 

Are these Software, Service, or Business/Work Management projects?

If you want to give access to Software or Business projects to your customers, be advised that will result in an increase in your license count.

The first thing you would need to do is ensure that the Project Access Level setting for every project is either Limited or Private, so that the users who have access to the project have to be explicitly added to the project with an appropriate role.


The next thing you have to do is create a role in each project that has only Read access. There is a built in Viewer role, but this role does have access to add attachments and comments which you may not want. The roles and permissions are described in the page I linked above.

If you need to remove those few permissions you need to create a new role in the project. This would have to be done in every project, as Team Managed projects do not use globally available options. You can create a new role from the Project Settings > Access > Manage Roles option.

After you have the appropriate role, you can invite the customer users to join your site and add them to the role in the project you want them to access.

Note that new users of the site that are granted access to the Jira product are by default added to a group. You will need to ensure that group is not used anywhere to grant permissions to projects.

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August 17, 2023

Hi @a_bardini ,

If you don't mind using the app for this goal, I can suggest one. It takes you 1 minute to set up a customer portal for any Jira Cloud project and let your customers feed requests into it. The app works as a 'Jira mirror' but with a simpler interface and cleaner overall experience.

And it's definitely cheaper than having Jira licenses for each client. You can calculate the price on the marketplace for your company. Marketplace apps are billed for the number of users in your Jira instance. So you don't pay for customers and don't admin them. I hope this solution meets your case.

Saralie S.
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August 22, 2023

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