Jira Plan sprint rollup on epic across projects

Thomas Broniewicz August 9, 2023


I am having an issues with sprint roll-ups in JIRA plan when it comes to Epics inheriting the sprint information from child Stories that belong to other projects than the Epic itself. In my plan the Epic sprint timeline is only rolling up information from Stories within the same project. 

I have Epics that contain issues from different teams, meaning there may be Stories from 2 or more projects under the same Epic.

The behaviour is different for Themes who inherit the rollup information from child issue Initiatives (regardless if the Initiatives are in the same project or not), and likewise Initiatives will inherit roll up sprint information from their Epics, regardless if the Epics are from the same project or not.

Is it expected behaviour that Epics simply can't have the roll up sprint dates from Issues coming from other projects than the Epic? This makes no sense in my opinion, especially since Epics are cross project functional and will show progress information etc, regardless of child issue project. Is it a setting that may need to be activated somehow?

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Thomas Broniewicz August 15, 2023

I realize this question should be posted in the portfolio for jira page and not here. Can't seem to delete the question though.

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