Jira JSON Import Wizard not recognizing my user

Ben Upham October 2, 2018

I'm importing a bunch of cases from Fogbugz/Manuscript. I have a Fogbugz user named "Ben Upham" and I am using the Jira user "Ben Upham" to import the Fogbugz data. But when I do so, I get the warning "Commenter named Ben Upham not found. Creating issue with currently logged in user instead".

This is fine for any Fogbugz cases or comments that are by me -- since it will be assigned to me anyway. But for other users, I need this to work. I assumed that if the Fogbugz and Jira users have the same name -- "Ben Upham" it would match them. Is that not true? 


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Ben Upham October 4, 2018

This is because the tool uses "username" which is not the same as display name. My display name is Ben Upham but my username is admin -- which is not shown anywhere in Jira or the Atlassian ID site. It is however viewable in the URL if you view a user in System settings.


endikaesteban February 3, 2020

Hi my friend.


I have the same problema, where I can find that URL? Where in System settings?

endikaesteban February 3, 2020

Thx Ben Upham!!


I have found it. All the user have an hexadecimal ID that you can use, but in my case I can use too my public name...I dont understand why...


Thx anyway!

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