Jira Core 8.5.1 through Fortigate VPN

Jason Adam December 16, 2019

We're running Jira Core 8.5.1 internally, but have a Fortigate 6.2.2 VPN in place for external users to access Jira.

Internally, Jira works perfectly fine.

However, through the VPN the initial Dashboard screen basically loads a blank page, drop downs (like the Projects dropdown) don't work unless you first go to your profile page, and even then the initial project display page won't show anything.  If I log in as an admin and look at workflows, none of my custom transitions or states will display, only the core Jira create, closed will show but with no transitions between, all sorts of things like that.

I have read several posts where people have had issues with jira through a vpn, and I guess I mainly need to understand what the main issue is so I can go back to my management to tell them if it's even going to be possible to make this work, or if it just will need to be internal and if someone wants to remotely use Jira, they'll need to RDP into a vm first.

When connecting via the VPN, our URLs end up looking like this:

https://<ip address of vpn server>:10443/proxy/0511f83d/https/<internal Jira server >/projects/CR/issues

Internally the URL would look like https://<internal Jira server >/projects/CR/issues

The 0511f83d is a session id that changes each time you log on. 

I tried updating our server.xml for our https connection to use proxyName and proxyPort of the VPN proxy, but that didn't do anything to help the VPN connection (and it caused the internal access to be all whacky because of baseURL issues).  

I've read through documentation on configuring Tomcat to work with proxies by setting proxyName/port, and updating the baseUrl to work with the proxy server instead, but I'm guessing because our baseURL changes every time with the session ID that using the Fortigate VPN with Jira will not work.


Any info or suggestions, even if it's validating that Jira will not work with this network setup, would be greatly appreciated.  

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Rudy Holtkamp
Community Leader
Community Leader
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June 16, 2020

Sorry to tell you, but this is not going to work. See also this thread.

Only thing that would work is to use the VPN client so users can login via their browser.

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