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Frank Lohfeld April 9, 2020


I'm search a JQL expression. that find every EPIC with a special value. And all Tasks, that assigned to this Epics.
The special EPIC Attribute is named "DTCS" and the value i search is "yes" (Checkbox)

I start with 

type = Epic AND DTCS = Yes

This found the needed Epics - but how i can determine the issues linked to this epic in only one JQL

 (type = Epic AND Workstream = Yes) and (type=task and "Epic Link" has DTCS=yes )


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Muhammad Ramzan_Atlassian Certified Master_
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April 11, 2020

you can use JQL Search Extensions for Jira & reports   and it will help you to get the required results.


following query will get all issues and even their subtaks where DTCS = Yes


issue in allIssuesInEpic("DTCS = Yes")
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Jack Nolddor [Sweet Bananas]
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April 10, 2020

Hi Frank,

Sadly you cannot achieve the desired search using standard features on Jira as @Ste Wright already pointed out, you must go for a third-party app instead. Using i.e. JQL Booster Pack you can type the following:


1) Search for desired Epics

type = Epic AND DTCS = Yes


2) Use the above query as a subquery of the issuesInEpics() function, as below:

issue IN issuesInEpics(' type = Epic AND DTCS = Yes ')

(*) Note that this is just an exaMple, you must tune above query to fit your needs

Using this app you can also query other issues relations, check:




Hope this helps you to create awesome queries <3

Kind regards

Frank Lohfeld April 12, 2020

thats sound good. and the extension is for free. so i have requested the installation by the datacenter admin for my JAAS Instance. I will send the results as soon as it installed

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Ste Wright
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April 10, 2020

Hi @Frank Lohfeld

This isn't possible using standard JQL - when searching for issues within an Epic (via Epic Link) it's only one specific Epic you can search by.

Now you could in theory:

  1. Search for all the Epics which have DTCS checked "Yes"
  2. Export this list of Epics
  3. Create a search query based on the list of Epic's issue keys which changes them from a list to a comma-separated row (I use CONCAT to do this) - i.e KEY-1, KEY-2, KEY-3, etc
  4. Enter a new search based on "Epic Link" in (), where the row of keys goes into the brackets
  5. Join the two queries together, i.e issuetype = Epic and DTCS = Yes or "Epic Link" in (KEY-1, KEY-2, KEY-3)

^ This is a little clunky though, as you'd have to add to the list of keys each time a new Epic is created where DTCS is checked. You could keep a track of this using a filter also to check each day - i.e issuetype = Epic and DTCS = Yes ORDER BY createdDate DESC - but it's still not ideal.


The alternative is to get an app which provides more powerful JQL functions - such as ScriptRunner or JQL Booster Pack which allow you to have sub-queries within your search functions.

Both of these have a function "issuesinEpics" - for example using ScriptRunner, you could use:

issueFunction in issuesInEpics("DTCS = Yes")

^ This would give you a list of all issues which are within any Epic where DTCS is checked. It's a much simpler, more automated method of the above.


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