Is there a provision of selecting an existing branch from sub-task in JIRA .

anusha S June 28, 2020

current a create a copy off land and then overwrite it  usind the branchId 

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Rudy Holtkamp
Community Leader
Community Leader
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June 28, 2020

Hi @anusha S ,

You can't pre-populate the branches in a sub-task (e.g. based upon the branch of the parent issue). Branches are associated with Jira issues on the basis of either the branch name or the commits messages (with a Jira id in it).  This means that if you use the sub-task id in the commits on the branch that you want to show in Jira, it will show up in the development panel.

anusha S June 30, 2020


As jira admin, is it  possible to make entry/update in database and create the linkages between jira task and bit bucket branch?

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