Is it possible to use a wildcard for JQL Queries in Jira Server

CMM_IT May 15, 2023

I have an on-going sequence of test cycles and I want to write a query with a wildcard to capture any bugs in the test cycles without having to list the full name of each label.

Below is an attempt to use a wildcard for label TesE2E_CycleX, where X is one to many and will continue to increase:


project = pp AND (issuetype = bug) AND labels in (TestE2E_Cycle"*") AND type = bug AND status not in (canceled, done, completed)
AND priority = blocker

Note, the query above produces the following "Error in the JQL Query: Expecting ',' or ')' but got '*'. (line 1, character 68)"


The query below is currently in place and is inevitably getting larger and larger:

project = PP AND (issuetype = Bug AND labels = TestE2E_Cycle1 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle2 OR labels = Test_E2E_Cycle3 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle4 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle5 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle6 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle7 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle8 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle9 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle10 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle11 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle12 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle13 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle14 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle15 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle16 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle17 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle18 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle19 OR labels = TestE2E_Cycle20) AND type = Bug AND status != CANCELED AND Status != Done AND Status != Completed

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Dan Breyen
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May 16, 2023

Hi welcome!  Saw this Support article article which talks about JQL wildcards: JQL Search Syntax 

It talks about using * for wildcard searches.

Hope that helps.

CMM_IT May 18, 2023

Thanks for the response, however, wildcard is still now working in JQL Query; so unfortunately there is no progress.

The environment I have is Jira Server not Cloud - so does this impact functionality?

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