Is it possible to create a team managed work management or Service management project via API?

Parth Test February 6, 2023

As of Feb 2023, The only way to create a team-managed project is by passing a template key. Unfortunately, the create project jira cloud rest API endpoint only exposes these templates for Jira Software.


It is my understanding that It is impossible to create a team-managed jira work management or jira service management project as all the template keys listed in the API documentation would result in a company-managed project.


Is it possible to create a team-managed Jira work/service management project using the REST API?



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jeremiah_landi February 6, 2023

I found a similar question but going the opposite way: 

And here is something that dives into the json a bit more:

I haven't dealt extensively with the API. Also, why do you want to make a "Team Managed" project as an organization?




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