I created a Project with Epics and tasks, would like to see a report of progress on tasks

Tracy Gallant August 6, 2021

I created a project with Epics and tasks, each epic and task within have been assigned a due date. Our team has decided not to do Sprints but would like to see progress within each Epic to resemble a Gantt chart, how do I make reports when not using sprints?

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Shaili_RVS_Support August 11, 2021

Hi @Tracy Gallant 

If you would be interested in a third party add-on, you can try out Agile Tools, to track progress of issues in Epic hierarchy on time estimates and at story points as well.

Agile Tools - Epic Tree and Time in Status 

The add-on allows you to manage and visualize multiple Epics hierarchy on a single page. Also add-on provides a hierarchy of a single Epic on Epic Issue screen.

Key features of Epic Hierarchy:

  • Epic Sum up - Roll up for Time estimates and Story Points
  • Excel like editing for key fields
  • Excel export of hierarchy data. Progress % on "remaining estimate" or "original estimates"
  • Support for custom names for Epic & Story fields
  • Epic Tree on Issue Screen
  • Custom field roll up

Along with Epic Sum, you also get 4 other important functionalities within the same plugin, Links Hierarchy and Multiple Time in Status reports (to track your issues), Worklogs Report and Timesheets

Epic Hierarchy.PNG



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Dave Rosenlund
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Community Leader
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August 6, 2021

Hi, @Tracy Gallant.  It's not necessary to use sprints to create some form of progress report. What is necessary is that your team is recording progress in some fashion -- e.g. story points completed or hours worked. And, that you have a way of showing that information, it sounds like you're looking for a visual way — like a Gantt chart. 

Assuming your team is recording progress, there are a number of Gantt solutions for Jira Cloud you may wish to consider. One of them is Advanced Roadmaps from Atlassian (warning, it requires Jira Cloud Premium). However, there are a number of cost-effective, comparable solutions available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Full disclosure: One of them, Structure + Structure.Gantt, is developed by ALM Works.

Hope this helps,

-dave [ALM Works]

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