How to set a batch with a cron in only one automaton ?

Jenna April 3, 2023



A project concentrates +15,000 tickets over 13 rolling months.

All of these tickets must be subject to specific processing (change of fields, statuses, etc.) to be able to regularize them correctly.


The 2 current options I use:

- Processing via BULK TOOL (per maximum of 100 tickets)

- Processing via automatons (I launch 12 automatons at night every hour in batches of 100 tickets over several days)


I need to optimize my processing times by setting a batch on 1 single machine that is triggered every hour in batches of 100 tickets.

I can't find any similar request in the community.


My goal is:

1. to set a cron for triggering every hour,

2. Be able to integrate a JQL filter that triggers in batches of 100 tickets.


Do you have any idea?

Do you see another way?


Thanks for your help,


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