How to automatically make issue links of type "mentions" when mentioning an issue ID

Amedee Van Gasse July 13, 2020

Mention a Jira ID in the description or comment of an issue.
For example, QA-12345 is mentioned in a comment.

Expected behavior:
In the "Issue Links" section of the current issue, Jira adds an issue link of type "Mentions" to issue QA-12345

Actual behavior:
No issue links are automatically added.

This used to work until at least 1,5 years ago when I was still administering our Jira. Jira administration is no longer one of my tasks, although I still have admin access. This feature stopped working at some time after I stopped administering our Jira. I do not know if this comes from a core functionality of Jira, or from an add-on.

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Amanda Ward January 5, 2021

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