How to add parent issue summary to emails (batched notifications)

Claudia Böhm
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February 24, 2020

I have sucessfully added a custom field to the batched email notifications velocity template(

But I just can't find any documention on how to add the parent issue summary to the batched email notification. Are there any variables available for this (e.g. like $parentIssueSummary)? If so, where can I find a list of the available variables / Information?

Background: we often have similar sub-tasks for a scope-item (task) - e.g. Analysis, Sign-Off, Test, etc. - so it would be helpful to directly see in the email notification to which scope-item (task) the subtask belongs.


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Alejandro Reyes July 20, 2020

Hello @Claudia Böhm ,

for the moment it seems that there's no way to do this on batched notifications.

I analyzed the code decompiling the whole plugin and cannot make it work for getting the parent information. I cannot even get a variable that says if an issue is a subtask or not!

The $header variable only can give you the following parameters:

  • issueKey
  • issueSummary
  • projectName
  • projectUrl
  • issueTypeAvatar
  • issueUrl
  • addCommentUrl
  • issueState
  • issueStatus

I'm investigating if is possible to do this with some classes that the plugin has already defined, as the EmailIssue public class, but I think is difficult as it isn't static and I don't know if i'll be able to use it on the velocity template.

Hopefully someone from @Atlassian Support can help us on how to achieve this.

In my case I only need to retrieve the parent key of the subtask and put it on the mail body description and subject.


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