How do we move issues backward on Next-Gen Kanban Board?

Mayer Marni November 18, 2020

We are using a Next-Gen Jira project with a Kanban board.  Since this is Next-Gen there is no workflow to set-up.  We did turn on the Backlog so we move items from the Backlog to the Board and we have 4 columns on the board - To Do > WIP > Ready for PO Review > Done.  We have run into the situation where an issue was moved from To Do to WIP accidentally and we've discovered we are unable to move the issue backward on the board.  We also have Next-Gen Jira projects set-up as Scrum boards and this is never an issue.  On the Kanban board we even tried moving the issue off the board and back to Backlog but we still couldn't return to the issue to the previous state.

We have checked the Settings and there is no workflow for Kanban boards and we also have no automation or rules set-up.  All the User Groups assigned to people trying to do this have the Transition Issues selected and not even the Admin can return the issue to the previous Status.

Has anyone else encountered this and figured out how to fix?

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November 18, 2020

@Mayer Marni would you like to schedule a quick Zoom call to chat about this?

Mayer Marni November 20, 2020

@blim We actually tried a workaround that somehow fixed it (no idea how/why). 

Our board had the columns: To Do > WIP > Ready for PO Review > Done

I moved To Do to the right so WIP became the first column.  We were then able to update WIP > To Do.  When we made the changes on the applicable issues I moved WIP back to be the 2nd column.

After we did this I was trying to see if someone else on another team could help an when I went to the show them the issue and the Jira error we were getting it didn't happen.  I was then able to view all Statuses on an issue, regardless of current status, and had no issues moving issues backward on the board.

We only have one Admin of this Next-Gen board and 3 other team members.  Nothing else was changed so we have no idea how or why this fixed the problem but it did.

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