How do I set up Incoming Mail with OAuth 2.0 with limited scope

Solitonman February 16, 2021


I'm trying to integrate JIRA 8.13 with Azure using OAuth 2.0.  I've been able to set up an integration following and I'm getting a successful test connection.  However, when trying to use the integration for email server authorization the test connection to email is failing.

One difference to the instructions in my integration is that our security team would not grant permission to use the IMAP.AccessAsUser.All scope for this integration.  I can use User.Read and offline_access, but that's all.  I'm guessing the email server failure is related to this.  Since I can't get the instructed scope implemented for my integration, is there any other way that I can implement the email server?  

Thanks for any advice or insight.


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