How do I get a snapshot of issues on a particular day using JQL (rest) using rest api?

Daksh Chawla
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June 24, 2020


I had read this link and it is mentioned that we need to process the change log data to derive the snapshot of a bug for a particular day.


Any idea how to do that?

I am expecting that even if one field has changed but still for that particular date i should know the value of other fields as well for ex

There are 3 parameters in which i am interested assume a,b,c 

As we Jira only captures the change log  so on expanding change log will give me 


changeDate : new Date("2020-01-01")

parameterWhichChanged :"a",

fromValue: 1,



Now my area of interest is to know something similar which i mentioned below:


changeDate: new Date("2020-01-01"),





i assumed b and c never changed on the above change date.


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Michael Raj July 30, 2020

Hi @Daksh Chawla ,

"?expand=changelog" gives you not only changelog but also regular fields so what I would try is this (let's assume I'm interested in these three fields: assignee, reporter and created (date)):


and then in data processing you can collect current values of fields you need as well as their changes. Of course changelog will give you a lot of redundant data, but you can filter it in code.

The most work in this in data processing, not in request to API.




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