How do I connect to a Jira cluster server on Azure hosted instance?

Dave Brennan November 2, 2021

I am able to ssh to with no problems using the keys I created when deploying the instance. The system account had no existing keys so I used scp to copy the generated keys to the jump box. Next I tried to ssh to one of the cluster nodes, but that fails as follows:

$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/jira_rsa system@
system@ Permission denied (publickey).
I also tried the Azure portal serial console logging in as system, but the system password I configured that works to login into the Jira web UI doesn't work in the serial console.
How am I supposed to connect to this cluster node vm?

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Trent Hashimoto
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September 28, 2023

The documentation does confirm that  you have to SSH to the jump box then SSH to a specific node. See

I ran into the same issue and was able to resolve the issue this way:

  1. Go to your Jira cluster -> Networking and ensure there is a an Inbound rule to allow SSH connections from the JumpBox VM's IP address.
  2. Go to the cluster's Instances -> click on  a specific instance -> Connect -> SSH
  3. Click on Replace/reset your SSH private key
  4. Do Add SSH public key and generate a new one. Note that there should be an info box on screen with the following information: Once the scale set is updated, all new VMs have the new credentials. Existing VMs only have the new credentials if they are updated to the latest model and then reimaged.
  5. Download the new public key and uploaded it to your JumpBox ~/.ssh directory
  6. Go back to the Instance and update and reimage it

Now, connections from the JumpBox to the cluster node should be accepted.

Connecting to JumpBox from your machine:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/jumpbox_key

Then, connecting to the node from JumpBox:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/node_key user@
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Ismael Jimoh
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November 2, 2021

Hi @Dave Brennan 

My expectation from experience here is you should have the public key from the jump server already present on the Node you are trying to access because only then would the authentication process work here. This is different from your personal public key.

If the instance is already up and running, I will check with whoever has access to grant the jump server access to the nodes. They can then share this with you so you can access it.

The above suggestion is based on my understanding that you connect to a jump server and from the jump server, you connect to a server hosting the different Jira nodes.


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