Get open/closed chart when project doesn't use Resolved status

Nicole Baratta November 19, 2020

We have 2 Jira projects for the same product. On one of them, we use the status fields as they were meant to be used. On the other, we have a custom workflow and all Jiras are resolved on creation according to Jira, but not to us.

I want to use the open v resolved chart on the dashboard, but it basically says that all issues were resolved as soon as they were created - which isn't helpful.

Is there a chart or report I can use on the dashboard to show the open/closed ratio?

To help you, here is the query I run to get items that are truly resolved in the first quarter:

(project = PROJ7 AND ("PROJ PT Product Docs (PD)" is not EMPTY) AND status in (closed, verified) AND status changed FROM "Product Docs" to "Verified" during (2020-01-01,2020-04-01)) OR (project = PROJ AND component = documentation AND status in (verified, closed, resolved) and resolutiondate >= 2020-01-01 and resolutiondate < 2020-04-01)


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Dave Liao
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November 19, 2020

@Nicole Baratta - hi Nicole! 👋

Check with a Jira admin (or with someone who has knowledge about why the project is wired the way it is) to see why issues are resolved upon creation. That's not typical behavior (of course), and naturally prevents you from using the best dashboard gadget for the job.

Depending on the answer, I'd generally recommend capturing the business definition of "Resolution" in a separate field (either a new or existing custom field).

A terrible* workaround would be to use the Issue Statistics gadget. It would show you the ratio, but only for a single moment in time (and it wouldn't be obvious for what moment in time that gadget is reporting on):

  • for the filter, save use the JQL you provided as a filter
  • use "Status" as the Statistic Type
  • set "Show Resolved Issue Statistics" as "Yes"

* figured I'd include it here to show you I put thought into this

Nicole Baratta November 19, 2020

Thanks! I was worried this would be the answer.  I have confirmed that it's actually not marking it resolved on creation, but when the status changes to 'Product Docs' which is when my work begins. I'm gonna check on why we're doing things this way and see if I can find a solution!

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