From which version is this applied in Jira Server - -"An Epic cannot be linked to another Epic"

Eleanor Kerman November 25, 2021

From which version is this applied in Jira Server - -"An Epic cannot be linked to another Epic"

we have found users have succeeded in version v8.12.0 linking an Epic to another Epic

I have seen the warning message in certain recent versions(including in the Cloud)

1. as of which Jira Version is this implemented

2 what would you suggest in unlinking the links already in place

3. Does anyone know if  Elements Copy & Sync addon can correct this?

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Armand Luziau_Elements_
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November 25, 2021

Hey @Eleanor Kerman

I'm the Solution Engineer at Elements.

Atlassian does not allow us to do this, this limitation is imposed on us in Jira and I don't think any application can get around this constraint.

By the way, I would like to enlighten you on how our application works:

  • It creates and links tickets together.
  • It synchronizes data between several tickets that are linked together.
  • You can link issues by using Elements Copy&Sync Data Panels. (but epic tickets can't be linked because of Atlassian)

Does anyone know if  Elements Copy & Sync addon can correct this?

Our application can link tickets together but only if they are created by Elements Copy&Sync. So if both Epics are already created, the option provided by our application may not fit your use case.

Let me know if you need more assistance, if you have any other questions or if you want to do a 1:1 call to exchange about your use case.

Kinds regards,

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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
Community Leader
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November 25, 2021

It's quite old.  Certainly since Jira 7.0 and I have a feeling the error message actually implemented a lot earlier, as the Epic-link field hasn't been addable to Epics since locked fields were introduced.

You can link between Epics with issue links, but the warning is about linking an Epic to another with the Epic-link field, as that's nonsense (Epics can't contain Epics, and that's what the Epic-link field is saying)

Because of the way Epic-link is implemented though, you can create them in some cases - if you create a non-Epic issue, give it an Epic link and then move it to an Epic, it will carry the hang-over with it.  

You can reverse that - move it back to an issue, remove the Epic link as you'll now be able to get to it, and then move it back to an Epic again.

The other way to do it is have an admin "unlock" the field and add it to Epics.  If that has been done, then the field should now exist on Epics and be editable, but possible mandatory - if it's still unlocked, you'll be able to make it optional in the field configuration for Epics, then you'll be able to edit the Epics that have it and blank it out.  Then you should get the field removed from the Epics and locked again

(If an admin unlocks a field like this, you should be considering getting them some proper training - they've done something bad - the fields are locked to prevent this sort of mistake)

I don't know about Elements copy and synce, being able to fix it, I don't think it can because of the config.  Scriptrunner would be able to blank out the field though.

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