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Naresh G April 13, 2023

Hi Admins,

Is this possible to filter issues created over weekend, exactly between below timings.

Every 6am IST Saturday to 6am IST Monday

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Denys Mokhynia April 13, 2023

If you search in any day of the week and u need last week


createdDate >= endOfweek("-210h") and createdDate < endOfDay("-162h") order by created DESC


Calc 1st number

-(24*8)-18       S M T W Th Fr Sat S

Calc 2nd number

-(24*6)-18      T W Th Fr Sat S

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Denys Mokhynia April 13, 2023


If you will search on monday

createdDate >= endOfDay("-66h") and createdDate < endOfDay("-18h") order by created DESC

 It based on End of this Day  

If u search on monday

1st number its 

-24h end of Sunday

-24h end of Saturday

-18h its 6 am saturday

next number its 

End of Monday

-18h its 6 am monday

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