Field info not preserved when moving tickets between projects that have differing field schemes

Raj Vora October 6, 2022

When you move a ticket from Project A to Project B where Project A has a field (let's call it "Solution") that Project B does not:

Does the the information in the "Solution" field get preserved in Project B and if so, where does one find this?  I've looked in the activity and history log of the ticket (migrated to Project B) and can't locate it.

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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
Community Leader
Community Leader
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October 6, 2022

How can it preserve it?  You haven't got anywhere to keep it in the new issuetype/project.

But, what actually matters here is the underlying data - if a field is hidden, or not on screen, then you don't actually lose it, you just can't see it.  It only gets deleted if you move to an issuetype for which the field does not exist at all (and that goes into the history)

To see the field in the new location, un-hide it or put it back on screen (or both)

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