Epics don't show in Jira Software Next-Gen project issue advanced filter

Chris Drumgoole March 9, 2020

IN the Advanced Issue Filter, I add  the Epic Name column, but it's always empty. Do I need to do anything in the settings to enable this? thanks

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Scott_Stephan March 17, 2020

Nope. Broken for 2+ years now. Welcome to Jira!

Chris Drumgoole March 17, 2020

Ha! ok then :p

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Scott_Stephan March 18, 2020

What you can do is search for "Parent", which will:

  • Provide the Epic Name in Filters
  • Provide nothing in ScriptRunner
  • Provide the Issue # in the Google Sheets plugin

Why it has 3 behaviors- and why it's "Parent" and not "Epic Name"- is beyond me. But you can get it that way, unless you're using scriptrunner, in which case you're screwed.

What we ended up doing was creating a customfield called EPIC and having a ScriptRunner script populate that field.

Chris Drumgoole March 18, 2020

AH! yes, parent does show the epic. thanks. 

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