Display gallery of attachments to help find matching bugs

Michael Rothstein February 15, 2021

I file bugs on behalf of others through a Beta program and frequently receive screenshots or videos that demonstrate the issue being experienced. Many times, the screenshot supplied is very similar to images provided in bugs previously filed. To locate the bugs, I typically use JIRA search and try to guess the phrase or word that was previously used to locate the issue. I then need to open the bug and scroll down to see the attachments in order to find the bug I'm looking for. This is quite time consuming.

It occurred to me this morning that there must be a better way, and I realized that the better way has already been invented. I'd like there to be a gallery view, similar to the way that Google and Bing display pictures in an Image search.

  1. Perform a standard JIRA query.
  2. Instead of text results, a gallery of all picture and video thumbnails from the matching bugs are displayed.
  3. Quickly scan through the pictures to find the one(s) that match what you're looking for.
  4. Links let you view the picture/video full screen or jump to the bug where those files are attached.

I'm not sure if this exists already. If it does, please point me to this feature/plugin. If not, I think it would be a worthwhile addition.


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