Cross-project releases are not deleted in JIRA when deleted and submitted from Portfolio

Maneesha Syea June 19, 2018

I created a cross-project release in Portfolio from my plan. Later I had to add a new project to this plan and to the cross-project release as well.

There is no option of editing a cross-project release to add a new one in Portfolio, and it would be good to have this feature.

Also, I now have to delete the cross-project release and create a new one to be able to add my new project to it. Submitting the changes doesn't work well, as deleting cross-project release in Portfolio doesn't delete them in JIRA on submit from Portfolio.

And the next step which is submitting the newly created cross-project release (same name and version as before) doesn't work because the old cross-project release (same name) are still present in JIRA.

Is there already a way to do this better in JIRA and Portfolio? Else I would like to suggest:

- It would be good to be able to add and remove projects from a cross-project release in Portfolio

- Deleting and submitting cross-project release from Portfolio should allow deleting them in JIRA also.




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