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Jan_Marcinkiewicz January 10, 2019



I spent some time trying to configure my Jira in a way that I could create branches (section Development, I would like to have 'create branch' button available) from sub-tasks level (branches per subtasks, not related directly to parent story). However I do not now if it is even possible. I tried to work with screens but failed. Could you please help me understand how it works, where to look for answer or if it can be done?


Thank you in advance


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Fabio Racobaldo _Herzum_
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February 17, 2022

Hi @Jan_Marcinkiewicz ,

branches creation work for both standard and subtask issue types so you should be able to do that. Please check that development tool scetion for your project has been correctly setup and that your user is able to view development tools within your project permission.

Hope this helps,


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