Can component be used to identify/track work based on team specific?

Parvathy Manishanker davey May 28, 2021

Scenario: I use one Scrum board to manage multiple projects (Each Project as an Epic). With teams as Software, Mechanical, Electrical for example

Can component be used to identify/track work based on team specific?


Component 1 = "Software"

Component 2 = "Electrical"

Component 3 = "Mechanical"

Just trying to understand if the component could only be used to group the sub projects/sub components of a project/features of a project or it can also be used to group the work based on the team that the work will be worked by?

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Stephen Wright _Elabor8_
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May 30, 2021

Hi @Parvathy Manishanker davey 

Can I confirm:

  • Do you have one Jira Project, or multiple?
  • Are the "projects" Epics within one Jira Project?


Components are project-specific - so if you have one Jira project with "projects" as Epics, you could use Components to represent the Team working on each Epic. These can be applied to an Epic's children also.

I'd advise if doing this, give the Team-based Components a prefix, to make them easy to identify (eg. "T:"). I'd do the same with other Components you create, to "group" them together.


If it's 2+ projects, Components wouldn't be my first choice - I'd consider using Labels, Team (if you have Advanced Roadmaps) or a Custom Field instead.

The main reason is Dashboards and Reporting. Whilst 3 projects might have a Component with the same name, they'll still be treated as 3 separate entities on a Dashboard, as they're 3 separate IDs from a back-end database perspective.


Not sure what you mean in terms of your final sentence; could you advise what you are looking to achieve with this grouping?


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Linda Milne_Togetha Group_
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May 28, 2021


Components are project specific, so you would have to create the same components in all projects to be able to use them in a shared board.

From there you can group tasks by components - can use queries to group your tasks in swimlanes. You can write quick filters to view various groupings. You can use components and filters in gadgets.

Not sure what you mean by sub-projects / sub-components, however. What kind of tracking are you trying to do?

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