Best practices for collaborating with vendors on projects

Kalindi Pathare January 22, 2020

My client plans to use Jira for HW test case management & HW bug management. The client works with large number of external vendors on testing.

My client's scenario: They have let's say 100 HW test cases defined for a project. They...

  • Need to assign 5 to one Vendor A, 10 to Vendor B, and so on.
  • Want the vendor to see selected information about the test case and also keep all the information about the test cases in a single record. For example, they have internal information which they do not want the vendors to see.
  • Need the vendor to update test case results and upload test result files.
  • Want vendors to be able to report bugs and link the bugs to the test cases.
  • Need to define the test cases ideally in a single project, see the results of all the test cases and create dashboards ideally from a single project.

What is the recommendation for setting up projects and permissions for this scenario?

  • Can Jira classic projects be configured to limit access to specific issues/vendor? This would allow my client to house their test cases in a single project making it easier to manage them.
  • Can Jira classic projects be configured to limit access to specific fields/vendor?
  • What is better - project/vendor OR single project with issues/vendor?

Thanks all for any insights you can provide.



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Daniel Wester _55 Degrees_ January 22, 2020

There are no field security restrictions (I’m sure there is an app that will solve it) so if you can see an issue you can see everything. 

However... there is Issue Security schemes. That would you to have the choice of opening up issues to internal only, internal+vendorA, vendorA only, internal+vendorB etc. 

For more about issue security schemes - see

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