Atlas-run-standalone for jira software data center?

adamtwarner94 March 21, 2023

I am evaluating our migration path for our legacy Jira Core and Jira Software server instances to Data Center.   We have some custom plugins that need to migrate, too.  (Unfortunately due to custom authentication and data privacy needs we cannot move to Cloud.)

When using the Atlassian SDK to run a standalone instance for plugin validation and development, is it possible to run a Data Center version using atlas-run-standalone or atlas-run?   I don't see anything in the developer docs about how to do this.   By default the "atlas-run-standalone --product jira" command gives a Core version.  I think there could be some differences in DC vs Core for our plugins.  Also Core will be sunset soon.

Thanks in advance!

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Roma Bubyakin July 31, 2023

Moreover, testing it on Server with custom DB (using atlas-run-standalone) becomes impossible!
Cause it asked about evaluating license that you cannot get 😡

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