After several Jira courses I have problem to get the idea of Jira. Please help me!

Wojtek Pilwinski February 8, 2022


I am totally new in Jira so I apologize for being so vague. But it looks like I just need to change my philosophy. I don't like when someone doesn't know the field and he starts with complaints. So believe me I am not complaining I am just asking for help.

As a student of Jira I still have impression like Jira does everything the opposite of what I expected.

First example and most crucial for me:

As a project manager I want to prepare the automation for myself (not for software developer). So I expect to create automation rules like that:

- When issue is transitioned from TO DO to IN PROGRESS, then create new git branch from specified existing branch in specified repository.


- When issue is transitioned from IN REVIEW to DONE, then merge specified pull request.



But Jira by default lets me to create opposite rules (more for developers in my opinion) like "When pull request is merged then transition issue from IN REVIEW to DONE". But I expect pull requests are created by programmers. So it looks like programmer decide about issue workflow but not project manager.


Why is that? Especially that I'd love to manage projects from my mobile devices. But in mobile version of Jira I have no option to create new branch or pull requests.

Of course I know I can create rules as I expect but it requires to dive into very complicated and advanced REST API of bitbucket which is very time consuming and not easy for person like me.


This is the main and biggest issue for me that I don't understand clearly the philosophy of Jira<->Bitbucket integration.


There are more issues more or less important for me but I will mention them later in the discussion. At the moment automation of bitbucket-jira integration is crucial for me.


I'd love to understand where my expectations go wrong. How I should think about those things?

For any help or advice great thanks in advance.


Best regards.

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Wojtek Pilwinski February 8, 2022

Other issue,

I would like to send e-mail with some month summary of specified user work (like logged time, comments, commits, issues etc.).

Again it is probably my wrong thinking. For me it seems to be obvious I need (as a project manager) such summary. But I've just spent about 3 hours to find how to do that. And with no success. So probably it is not the aim of Jira. So what is that aim?

Here I found something what I expect:<my id>/work

But there are no details and no option to edit or filter that list.

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