Add to/edit hierarchy structure in JIRA Agility Project

Ian Balas October 15, 2018

Hey guys,

I'm in the middle of making a sandbox model of a Marketing project in which we intend on using JIRA Software to track the many projects that the marketing department is pressed with. We have an ideal hierarchical setup that consists of: [Department (ex. Marketing)         -> Campaign (ex. True Revolving Line of Credit) -> Job Type (ex. Email) -> Component (ex. Layout/Design)]. 

I notice in the Roadmap page that it displays epics. Now I want to be able to group epics(campaigns) into "initiatives"(departments), which I believe is only doable with Portfolio (correct me if I'm wrong), and have the roadmap display the initiatives(departments) somehow. I figured I'd just add an "Initiatives" issue type myself and then just nest epics(campaigns) under that, along with nesting stories(jobs) under the epics(campaigns) and so on and so forth. But I want the initiatives to show on the roadmap along with the epics.

Is there any way that this is possible? If not, then what are my other options?


Ian Balas

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