making charts or getting historical data based on totals in jql searches

Jon December 3, 2020


we use an add on in the dashborad that will total up number fields based on different jql searches. My question is there a way to take the history based on a specific date, such as every month or week? right now i have to look at the the time i want to take the total which is not always doable. 


the addon we are using is "by sumUp" and does a total of certain fields we select, just want to see if there are other add ons or ways to do this. 

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Thorsten Letschert _Decadis AG_
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December 3, 2020

Hi @Jon ,

I'm part of the team behind sumUp and would like to know more about your use case and the gap you're currently facing. However, I do not yet fully understand your scenario. Do you want a grouping by time periods?


Jon December 4, 2020

Hi Thorsten, 

Yeah I would like to know if grouping by time periods would work for us. Ive breifly looked but have never been able to find a way to group our date fields in a way that works for us. For example, we have a field that is a number and another that is a date, can we get a sum up of the field based on a certain number of days from today, for example, grouping for 1-7 days, 8-14 days, 15-21 days, etc? 


The original purpose of my message was actually about taking a snap shot on a certain period in time. Its maybe kind of hard to explain but maybe a good example would be with your bank account, if there were no monthly statements and you wanted to know the balance at the end of every month you would have to call up on the last day of every month but with monthly statements you can just look at those to see the balance. The sum up is like having a bank acct with no statements. There are some fields that i want to track every week but if i dont make a point to check them at the end of every week i have no way of knowing what it was. i was thinking if there was a way to make a report, or mabe send out a email of the totals at a given time so that we could capture the data we would like to track. 


Thanks again !



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