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Darren Zappa August 17, 2021

We are trying to add a custom email account (M365 with 2FA enabled) to our Jira platform and have some questions around 2FA. Is there any documentation around this or has someone set this up? Any experiences or information

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arnav_miniOrange August 26, 2021
Hey Darren,
Welcome to the community.
From your query, I understand that you want to enforce 2FA for a group of users who use a custom email account to log into your Jira instance. However I have few doubts regarding your use case and it will be great if you can answer them, this will help me direct you in the right direction.
Q1. Users, who log in using a custom email account are they stored in a different group?
Q2. Can you please tell us more about your use case and your requirements?

In case you have any more questions feel free to ask.  I would suggest you raise a ticket with us so that we can discuss this in detail and help you provide the best solution. 

P.S.  I work for miniOrange, one of the top SSO vendors in the Atlassian Marketplace. Reach out to us via

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