Why isn't this script working to restrict subtasks from being created under Epics?

Julia August 31, 2021

I am trying to restrict sub-tasks from being created underneath epics. I have seen that the following scripts have worked for folks, but I can't get them to work for me. Please let me know if you see what I am doing wrong! Attached is a photo of one of the scripts in the validator section of the create transition. Help!

["Task", "Bug"].contains(issue.parentObject?.issueType.name)

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 9.54.38 AM.png

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Tye Joe Wai September 6, 2021

Hi Julia, I tried using the same script that you used, and it worked in my Jira instance. Like what Martin mentioned above, the execution history shows that it had not run yet, were the changes saved and applied successfully?

If the validator ran and failed, it would've shown up in the history and tell us why it failed.

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Martin Bayer _MoroSystems_ s_r_o__
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August 31, 2021

Hi @Julia ,  I can see that validator has not ran yet. Did you publish your workflow's draft?

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