Why does my mail handler not create tasks?

Liam Maeder October 13, 2021

Good Day

I have been at wits end since this last night... I have a mail account and Next Gen Mail handler setup that is not creating tasks, nor creating any logs.

So I have Mailbox A setup for Project A - This one works perfectly fine, it creates tasksm or a log with error when an issue arises. 

I then have Mailbox B for Project B - which is identical to the Mail Handler for A, with it's own Mail Account. This one does not create tasks or logs at all. It deffinitely hits the mail account, as it reads and deletes mails as they are sent through, but that's as far as it goes...

I am using Jira Email this Issue V8.1.2-GA and Jira Server 8.5.5.

Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Andreas Lorz October 13, 2021

Hi @Liam Maeder ,

maybe it's about the project permission. Is the 'create issue' permission given in Project B?

But in this case you should see something in atlassian-jira-incoming-mail.log

Liam Maeder October 13, 2021

Hi Andreas

Yes, the default reporter has the same permissions setup in both projects to create, edit and comment on tasks.

The only things coming through on the incoming mail log is:

image.pngOver and over again...


The Handler and account for 10101 work fine but it's for 10700 that nothing is happening....

Is there a limit to the mail handlers for the plug in? We have a license but we would need to purchase a new on to upgrade to the latest version

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