Why 'Commitment' story points change when US is moved out of sprint?

Abhishek Chaudhary March 22, 2021

So I had started the sprint with 22 SP, then after 3-4 days, I moved 1 US worth 1 SP to backlog & added a new US worth 3 SP. 

With the above changes, I hoped that after sprint is completed, the 'Commitment SP' would be 22 & 'Completed SP' would be 24. 

However, it's showing 'Commitment SP' as 21 & 'Completed SP' as 24.

Can anyone help as to what happened there with the 'Commitment SP'? Why its showing incorrect? Thanks!

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Dave Liao
Community Leader
Community Leader
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April 18, 2021

@Abhishek Chaudhary - hi Abhishek!

Committed story points will remain unaffected once a sprint starts. From the official docs

After the sprint has started, any stories added to the sprint, or any changes made to estimates, will not be included in this total.

This makes sense to me, since a team commits (agrees) to a set of work prior to sprint start. This value should remain static.

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