Where has 'Add Watchers' gone in the new JIRA view?

Anthony Brittis October 16, 2018

Re-asking this question since the current "Answered" question, didn't really answer the question.

I want to be able to add others to watch tickets so they receive their email notification. 

Where has ADD WATCHERS gone?


(Poorly) Answered question:  https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-Core-questions/Where-has-Add-Watchers-gone-in-the-new-JIRA-view/qaq-p/774776



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Roger January 5, 2019

There is no way to manage watchers, nor in the old view, nor in the new view:


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vicky December 13, 2018

Please add watcher management to the new issue view.

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Bhushan Nagaraj
Atlassian Team
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October 16, 2018

Hey @Anthony Brittis

Click on the Lozenge with the number displaying the number of watchers. ex: 0 if no one is watching the issue.

This should bring up a dialog that will allow you to add other watchers, assuming you have the project permission configured to do so.

Hope that helps.

Scott Saccone October 17, 2018

Hi @Bhushan Nagaraj,

In the new Jira view I don't see a lozenge displaying the number of watchers, just a lozenge with no numbers that toggles my watcher status. Are you sure you're not referring to the old view? Please verify, thanks.

Anthony Brittis October 17, 2018

@Bhushan Nagaraj - This only works for the old view.  The latest (new) Jira view only allows the user to toggle their watch status.  There is NO WAY to add other watchers unless I switch back to the old view.

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Deleted user December 12, 2018

I am using Jira cloud, in a Software-type project, and clicking on the lozenge with the number of watchers do not show a dialog to add other watchers.


UPDATE: Apparently I was clicking on the wrong area of the lozenge, in the old view

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Scott Saccone February 25, 2019

Looks like watcher management has now been added to the new Jira view. The new features are described here. I was able to verify I can view/add/remove watchers in the new view on my own cloud instance.

Edwin Sale April 23, 2021

Um, no.  You can only change your own watcher status to "Watch" or "Unwatch".  You can't add watchers to let people know there's an issue and make it easy for them to find/track it.  You have to send them email outside Jira, or a text with the link in it.  Not convenient.

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Scott Saccone January 7, 2019

Hi Rogelio, actually I can still manage watchers in the old view. That is, right now in Jira cloud when I view an issue in the old view, on the right-hand side next to "Watchers" it shows the number of watchers. When I click on that number it opens a window with (1) a list of the users that are watching, and (2) an "add watchers" input box. Thus I can view, add and remove watchers in the old view. 

Xavier Poulin February 20, 2019

Hi @Scott Saccone , I just reverted back to the old view and it seems like when I click on the number beside Watchers, I can only see my name and not add.  Any insight in what I should do? Thanks!


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Scott Saccone February 21, 2019

Hi @Xavier Poulin, some of my team members had this problem recently. The solution was a bit tricky to find: it turned out I needed to give them the "Browse Users and Groups" privilege on the "Global Permissions" page https://yourdomain.atlassian.net/secure/admin/GlobalPermissions!default.jspa. Hope that helps.

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Xavier Poulin February 21, 2019

Thank you, @Scott Saccone

We will try this for sure!

Lynn Lannuzel August 5, 2021

I'm Jira Admin, i'm dont have a "Add Watcher" button as well while my other team mates have it. i just tried as you suggested but it still does not make my "Add Watcher" appear.

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