When creating an issue, how do you have it automatically sent to the Kanban board?

Waison June 11, 2021


I have a next-gen Kanban project on the web hosted version of Jira. From the board itself I can create issues for columns that exists without issue. However, from the create issue button on the main taskbar on top, it sends it to a nebulous backlog that is separate from my board. How do I configure the project to send it directly to the board?


  • Hit the Create Issue button from top of taskbar.


  • Choose the Project and the issue type. Create issue.



  • Issue drops into a separate backlog tab instead of onto the Kanban board.3.jpg


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Deepanshu Natani
Community Leader
Community Leader
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June 11, 2021

Hi @Waison 

Can you share the screenshot of the workflow configured for this project/ issue type?

Also what is the current status of this issue which you just created (JPP-70)

Waison June 13, 2021

For this project, I'm using the default workflow.

Tony Moore August 17, 2021

I have a similar question. Creating a 'team-managed-project,' using the 'kanban' format, and with the default workflow; the workflow shows the Start going to Create, and Create going straight to To Do. When viewing the initial/empty board, there is an option to click "+ Create Issue" directly in the To Do column, and the issues appears in that column. However, if you choose the blue "CREATE" button on the top ribbon, that newly created issue does not appear in the To Do column, but it only shows up in the Backlog view. How do we configure the project/board to automatically display all NEW issues in the To Do column on the Board, or is there a way to have all newly created issues appear in a status of maybe NEW and have the NEW status also associated with the ToDo column?

Tony Moore August 17, 2021

Sorry, forgot to attach the screenshot!

Screenshot 2021-08-17 153814.png

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