Using certificate-based authentication with JIRA REST Java Client Library

Fabien Bergeret June 3, 2021


I have an existing Jira instance, for which the REST API is protected by certificate-based authentication (this is performed at the Apache front-end level).

I'm writing a Java-based application that is interacting with Jira, and I plan to use the JIRA REST Java Client Library.

How can I use certificate-based authentication with JIRA REST Java Client Library?



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Fabien Bergeret June 4, 2021

I had to change a few lines of code of the Atlassian HttpComponents Java library. Now it loads the certificate for the keystore referenced by the standard and JVM properties.

How could I share my code?

Daniel Ajenjo April 20, 2023

Hello Fabien,

We are having similar problems. Our Jira login is done through SAML with a modification of the Jira login classes by some custom classes, everything works fine except for two cases:

- The REST API calls through the https route return a 200 but from the custom login screen.
- Some gadgets in the dashboards fail because the internal calls inside the tool are failing because internally it returns 200 but in reality it is an error because the gadget does not load correctly.

Could you share what modifications you made?

Thanks in advance!

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