Unable to import testcases from excel to Xray

Piyush Sahu July 10, 2020

I am getting the below-attached message: 

Please note: A Jira Summary, Xray Test Case Identifier and Custom Fields [Action] are required to enable import.

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Massimo Grandillo November 15, 2022

I have a CSV file with many test cases that I would like to import in XRay. I noticed that it is giving me errors when i import because some of the test steps/expected results have blank cells. In order to  make it work I have to manually do the change in the Excel file which is long and tedious. Is there a way to bypass this and make the import work without having to add something in the empty Steps/Expected results cells?

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José Domingues [Xray]
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July 16, 2020

HI @Piyush Sahu 

The "Step" as been renamed to "Action" as you can see on the section of manual steps:

When using the Test Case Importer the correct mapping should be the "Action".

Then to recap, right now, by default, each Test Step has the following fields:

Action* - the action to be reproduced by the tester
Data - any data the related step requests (e.g., login credentials) to be used by the tester
Expected Result - the behavior the step should accomplish.
Attachments - external files that provide additional information related to the corresponding step. Attachments can only be added or removed in the Test Issue view page.

*Only the Action field is mandatory. All other default fields are optional.

However, to correctly import, you need to map Summary, Test Case Identifier, and Action.

Best Regards,

Team Xray

akshay kumar October 11, 2020

Hi Jose,


can you please help with steps detailed here ..?

akshay kumar October 11, 2020

@José Domingues [Xray] ,


Please help with steps here, i am also getting same issue.

Siddhesh Patil February 26, 2021

I am also getting error and could not able to import test cases 


error 297.PNG

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Rogério Paiva - Xray Xporter
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March 26, 2021

Hi @Siddhesh Patil 

It looks like the action column is missing from your file, please add the column like described in the documentation here.

If you need further help, please contact the Xray Support (http://xraysupport.xpand-it.com) so that we can request additional information and investigate further.

Kind regards,
Rogério Paiva [Xray Support Team]

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Megha Debnath January 19, 2022


I also faced the same error msg as Siddhesh Patil. The thing that worked for me was the file. Although the data was exactly the same, by copying the data and pasting it a new sheet I was able to import the file.

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Yasir Kotwal March 27, 2022

Trying to import as CSV, getting below error can someone help here.

*Missing mandatory Summary Field*

Does anyone has the answer to this?

Anil Bagaria April 8, 2022

Try writing one test case in X-ray, then export this text case and compare it with your existing JIRA test case csv file.  :)

Sangeeta June 30, 2022

"errors": [
"elementNumber": 0,
"errors": [
"xray": "Step 25 is missing following required fields: action."
"issues": []

I am also getting the above error, 

Senthil Kannan November 4, 2022

If you are exporting from xLS to CSV there could be empty spaces that is accounted as a value, try deleting and clear formatting any additional columns or rows beyond your test case rows. This approach solved this error in my case.

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