Two workflows in one scheme for one project?

Sorcha Millican-Nagle May 15, 2019

Hello all! We are using our JIRA for both task management and bug tracking. I have currently got two workflows (development and bugs and issues) associated with one scheme (Development workflow scheme): 


Is this a bad idea, generally speaking? I guess I'm wondering if it's better to have one scheme with 2 workflows or two schemes with 2 workflows, or if there is a better approach altogether.

I'm a bit confused all around about workflows vs schemes and how they interrelate but this is the result of what I achieved when trying to set up two different workflows for either bug tracking or task development. We want to keep tasks/bugs to the same project - it's the same team - but not necessarily in the same view. I am assuming this is the right way to go about it.

p.s yes I've read the documentation on this topic :) 

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Nilesh Raut May 15, 2019

There would be multiple workflows in a Scheme. every workflows will be associated with issue type and issue is associated with screen.

As per your requirement, you can have both workflows in a scheme with issue type, What you have to do is? you have to change the screen fields and workflow status as per the requirement so you will get different view.

You did right! you can make it more better :)

Sorcha Millican-Nagle May 15, 2019

Oh great! So it's ok to have both workflows in the one scheme?  I guess I'm wondering if it's better to have one scheme with 2 workflows or two schemes with 2 workflows, or if there is a better approach altogether.

Otherwise, if this approach is fine, I can just customise screen fields and workflow status (the later of which I've done).

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May 16, 2019

A workflow scheme tells a project what workflow to use for each type of issue that is in the project.

You can have one or many workflows in a scheme, and it's fine to have many schemes.  A project can only have one scheme though (as there's no sense in having many)

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Sorcha Millican-Nagle May 16, 2019

That makes sense, the scheme is more about the correlation between issue type/project and the workflows that relate to them all. Thank you!!

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Rahul Jith August 4, 2022

Hi @Nilesh Raut ,


I have a similar query and need your expertise advice as I'm ready stuck in middle.

I have created 2 workflows within a project. One for the Feature issue type, all unassigned issue types and other for dependency issue type.

The problem I'm facing is my create status is getting duplicated. 

For example, by 1st workflow starts with New Request as status(Todo) for features and 2nd workflow should kick in for dependency creation with status as Discussed(todo)

But unfortunately what is happening is my 'New Request' status of 1st workflow is automatically getting renamed with 'Discussed status' which is part of 2nd workflow. So now I have kept 'new request' status as common for both workflow as a workaround.. 

I'm not sure if I'm doing some thing not with workflow logics..

Kindly assist.



Rahul Jith 

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