Trying to write a filter to show all Epics that are missing a particular Story

Andrew Murray December 6, 2022

Our program requires a specific review story in every epic before it is closed. How can I search for any/all epics missing this specific story? It would be looking for specific summary text.

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Mark Segall
Community Leader
Community Leader
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December 6, 2022

Hi @Andrew Murray and welcome to the community!

You won't be able to search downward like that without some type of marketplace app.  

You may be able to circumvent the need for a JQL with some automation. Here's what you'll need...

  • A mechanism for flagging the Epic (This can be the flag field, component, label, etc., but I'll use the flag field for this example)
  • Workflow Validator to ensure Epic cannot transition to Closed while it is flagged
  • Automation rules to flag/unflag the Epic

Automation Rule #1 - Flag the Epic

  • TRIGGER: Issue Created
  • CONDITION: Issue Type = Epic
  • ACTION: Edit Issue (Flagged)
    • Set Flagged = Impediment

Automation Rule #2 - Unflag the Epic

  • TRIGGER: Field Value Changed (Epic Link)
  • BRANCH (Epic)
    • ACTION: Edit Issue (Flagged)
      • Leave blank to clear it

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