Transition condition according to linked issue statuses

Jean-François RIOU June 1, 2020

Hi all,

To make it simple, let's say I have a story with a workflow A -> B -> C

2 subtasks S1 and S2 are linked to this story. I need the conditions : 

  • C1 : transition A->B is allowed if S1 is completed
  • C2 : transition B->C is allowed if S2 is completed

I have 2 problems to solve to do this : 

  • How can I add a subtask to a parent story and require this subtask to be completed for its parent story being allowed to move a specific transition ? 
  •  How can I implement the condition on the parent issue ?

What I have read so far is that conditions are on all child issues and all completed whereas I need some transition on the child to allow sone transition on the parent and other transition on the child to allow other transition on the parent.

I thought about splitting the parent story but it raised other issues.

Any help sincerely appreciated. Thanks 


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John Funk
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Community Leader
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June 1, 2020

Hi @Jean-François RIOU ,

Do you have Automation For Jira? I just accomplished that same thing this weekend with the Cloud version. 

Jean-François RIOU June 8, 2020

Thank you

Jean-François RIOU June 1, 2020

Thank you Enestas. This is part of the answer. The link explains how a parent is blocked by child issues. This is quite binary there. Parent is done or not done. Children are done or not done.

My case is more allowing to push the parent one step in its workflow (and not just done) according to the done status of some of its children and antoher step according to the done status of other children.  

In other owrds : 

  • child 1 is done allows parent transition A->B
  • child 2 is done allows parent transition B->C

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