Teams Custom App with Personal Tab not showing on-premise JIRA webpage

Mart Lehtmets March 23, 2021

Hello to everyone

I am quite new to Teams Custom Apps and everything, so I'm trying to figure things out here.

We want to present in our Custom application a Personal Tab (Custom Tab) to show our JIRA Service Desk page, so that employees could make their HelpDesk tickets straight from Teams application.

I have quite many questions now regarding this.

First of all if anyone has managed to do it (added JIRA webapage as custom tab in Teams custom application)? If yes, that would be a huge help.


We have configured the webpage as personal tab with the URL

We have tried several different versions



but it wont load through, stays blank if trying with Desktop Application


With Teams web application it will show a bit more - " refused to connect".


We have configured JIRA agains AzureAD SSO using this tutorial

And we can log in with our AzureAD users succesfully using regular web browser.


Not sure exactly what to do that Teams would load the webpage succesfully?!

Some articles talk about iFrame, but is that really the case? Maybe someone who knows more about this can enlighten me :)

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Chip Reaves July 30, 2021

@Mart Lehtmets did you ever figure out a solution?  We're having the same problem with our own custom app. 

Mart Lehtmets January 27, 2022

Hello @Chip Reaves  - unfortunately not. Project is still in the backlog and waiting for solution.

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