Task Dependencies in Core

sc123 November 20, 2019


I'm evaluating Jira Core for a business process tracking application.  I'd like to set up task due dates relative to other tasks / milestones and have them automatically shift when the "depends on" task shifts.  Here's a rough example:

Task: "MD 1" is due on Jan 15 (a fixed date)

Task: "Pre-MD 1" is due 7 days before "MD 1"

Task: "Pre-MD 2" is dependent on "Pre-MD 1" completing + 1 day

Task: "Post-MD 1" is dependent on "MD 1" + 3 day

So if none of the tasks are completed yet, and I go in and update the due date on "MD 1" and push it out by 1 week, all the Pre/Post-MD tasks shift out automatically due to the dependency.  And then if "Pre-MD 1" is late by a day, then "Pre-MD2" also shifts out as a result.

Can Jira Core do this?


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