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mnpiad May 19, 2017


Is there a way we can send email notification on sprint scope change in jira cloud onDemand ?

Once the sprint is started and new issues are added in the middle of the sprint which would be a scope change we need to alert to a group via email on this scope change 

Any other options apart from buying scriptrunner plugin ?



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Peter Youngman November 12, 2021

You can achieve this now that Automation Rules are available in Jira Cloud.

There is a "Field value changed" event that you can use to trigger logic to send emails or (as we do, send a Slack message to the team-channel).
Sprint changed jira automation rule.png

NOTE: you may not want the restriction on issuetype in the above "if".

You could use an "Else if" after this to check whether "Sprint IS EMPTY" to send messages when an issue is removed from a sprint.

Johnny Hermann November 12, 2021

For checking if an issue was removed from an active Sprint, it would be nice if JQL had some way to check (perhaps via "WAS" capability for the Sprint field).

One workaround might be (have not tried myself):

  1. Upon trigger "Sprint started", store the active Sprint(s) via "Set entity property" action on the project entity (differentiating by Board if necessary).
  2. Upon trigger "Field value changed" (for Sprint field) / "Issue updated", compare the issue's "fieldChange.from" / "changelog.Sprint.from" to the persisted active Sprint(s).

Fortunately, people tend to care way more about getting an alert when Sprint scope is expanding, rather than contracting.

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Gregory Kremer November 2, 2022

@Peter Youngman I have set a similar setup but, for some reason, message doesn't appear in Slack. Could you please let me know what is your Slack setup looks like. Do you need just a Webhook, or does it require a new channel connector, or both?

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'd appreciate your assistance.

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Alex Gallien
Atlassian Team
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October 17, 2017

Hi Mehul,


Unfortunately there is no way to do this out of the box on Jira Cloud. On Server it would be possible to write a custom listener (Tutorial - Writing JIRA event listeners with the atlassian-event library) but this is not an option for Cloud users.

Unfortunately your best bet will be to go with a third party scripting extension.



Johnny Hermann September 2, 2021

Is this still the case?  Or can we now set up notifications for when a Sprint's scope changes (on Jira Cloud)?

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