Set a User as Jira System Administrator without Logging in as a Jira System Administrator

Tom Yan March 19, 2020

I have been trying to access the Outgoing Mail settings as a jira-administrators, but the page is blank. I can only enable/disable outgoing mail. There is only one user in the system-administrators group, which was generating when the Jira Server was created, but there is no way to log in to it and giver others system-admin privileges. Is there a way to give myself system-admin privileges without logging into the existing account? Thanks.

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Rikard_Berg March 22, 2020

How to you mean there is no way to log on as the system-user? Have you lost the password? Is the install corrupt/shows errors? if it exits it would be possible, right?

From a security standpoint it seems strange to let anyone not a system-admin become a system admin by his own accord. Maybe it is possible to do something if you have admin-access to server/jira db, and there add a user with admin privileges.

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