Removing Email Signatures ,company logos when replying to JIRA notification emails

hash February 8, 2018

Hello ,,

When users reply to JIRA notification emails it will post as comment in JIRA issue.


WHen it is done,all email signatures,company logos and garbage will post with the email in comments.


Help me to remove all that garbage and just posting the comment with matter.




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Wech, Jenine April 14, 2023

This feature for Cloud seems like it should be "table stakes" - parsing through comments with all the signature logos and garbage is time consuming and annoying.

Eric Bergeron April 14, 2023

Indeed it is very much so.

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Ashton Moore
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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November 1, 2023

For the email signatures issue appearing in comments and descriptions, see if the workaround below works for you. 

Disclaimer: Your code will look different than mine explained below and you may have different tags. For example, my signature is in a table and that allows me to use my solution successfully. You may need to edit yours to have a different custom tag/role that is sufficient in identifying the structure of your signature and not text that could show before it. 

1.) Send yourself a test email with "test" as the body and then the signature below it. 

2.) Right click "test" in the email you received from yourself and click "View Source."

3.) Scroll about halfway down in the HTML code until you find the "<p" tag with "test" inside of it. 

4.) If you desire the signature afterwards to not be displayed, look after that section at what shows up (should be elements of your signature).

For example, after "test" in the email I sent myself, I see that it makes a table using the "<table" tab. In my Jira Issue, the signature shows up in a table as well. (This again is because my signature is a tabular format)

5.) Go back to your "Email Request" tab in your Jira project and click "Add a custom rule" (Settings --> Products --> Email requests --> Add a custom rule) .

6.) Add "<table" as your custom rule.

7.) Now, email a ticket into your Jira Project (submit a ticket with a body "test" and signature). The signature should show up in a collapsible box inside the Jira issue underneath "test."


If your signature starts with an image you may be able to use a custom tag of "<a" potentially.

I would recommend housing the signature in a table so it is all in one container and easy to apply the rule outlined above.

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Andy Heinzer
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February 13, 2018

Are you using Jira Server or Jira Cloud?  Depending on your platform will really determine what options you have to tackle this problem.

For Jira Server, I would recommend starting with this KB:  How to Strip the Old Reply Data from Incoming Email When Using Outlook

However if you are using Jira Cloud, you cannot follow those steps.  Instead for Cloud, it might help to use a 3rd party plugin such as the Jira Enterprise Mail Handler plugin.  They appear to have documentation on how you can configure their plugin to do this in JEMH Documentation: Remove Signature Text and Images

You could probably also use this plugin method for Server as well since it appears this vendor does have a server version of this plugin.

Al September 22, 2020

Hi Andy,

Has there anything new come up - built into Cloud - within the last 2.5 years?

We have a big table signature which would be great to get rid of.

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Andy Heinzer
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
September 24, 2020

For Jira Cloud Service Desk, there have been changes made in regards to the mail handlers, however JSDCLOUD-5878 : Remove e-mail signatures from incoming mail is the feature request that is still outstanding.  This would need to be addressed to try to manage this in Cloud today.   Please follow that suggestion for updates on this.


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Al September 24, 2020

Thanks for the link Andy!

Kyle November 11, 2022

Still need the Jira Software Cloud version of mail signature management.

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Steven Tschache February 17, 2023

5 years on... Atlassian obviously not interested...

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Matt Cheasman April 25, 2023

I did this using a Jira automation.

- When ticket is created

- Delete all attachments

- Delete comment with smart value {{}}

Seems to be working!!

Eric Bergeron April 25, 2023

Hello Matt!
But what if a real attatchment has been included in the email? 

Matt Cheasman April 25, 2023

I'm not the best with these, but you can regular expressions within the "Delete attachment" option

For example, if you wanted to delete any attachments except Excel spreadsheets, you can select "Does not match" and then use a regular expression like the below:


I'm sure there's a way of expanding that expression so it cover multiple file types, but I'm not clever enough to know how!

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Matt Cheasman April 25, 2023

Obviously there are cases where you'd absolutely expect a PNG file and your signature logo is PNG, so you can specify filenames.

It gets very complicated past that, and it's not a perfect solution by any means. But, for an internal desk team that we run, the above covers our need.

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Dave Duijvekam March 1, 2024

Hi all,

Seems still no good solution here.

We have a pretty long signature with pictures, so if this mails goes back and forward and then into Jira it's a mess.

I tried with the Project Settings > Rules to remove it all.

After spending a complete day the result is that the pictures are not show anymore, it says Preview Unavalibe and the underlaying URL's still there, als the long disclaimer is still in place....

Tried to remove tekxt between certain worde:

{{issue.description.remove("OUR TEKST BEGINS HERE").remove("OUR TEKST END HERE")}}

Bit nothing there has been deleted.

See screenshot below.


2024-03-01 15_15_13-Window.jpg

The error looks like this:2024-03-01 15_17_04-Window.jpg

I have no understanding of JSON so there might be the error, but after several hours trying different thinks I have no clue.....


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