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Tomáš March 28, 2022

Hello guys,

I´m facing one critical issue on our side. By mistake a have deleted projects instead of archiving them... it was around 3000 issues... hence this is very bad for Audit. 

We have 2 environment (PROD and PRe-PROD). The projects were removed from PROD, however on pre-prod we still have them. So at least something positive...
We have been trying some things with deleting other projects on Pre-Prod and importing same projects from PROD to PreProd env. 
We have tried/tested to export/import issues through CSV file. Export was successful from PROD. However when we import the issues to PRePROD there is a critical mismatch in data. Almost nothing is correct (from statuses, through assignees to comments). The only this correctly imported seems the Summary of the issue. + also Attachments are not importing. Which is a big issue.

Then we tried/tested to export/import projects through XML export. This failed also in Import. With error : "There was a problem parsing the backup XML file at /data/jira.home/import/ A comment must have an issue id specified."

Is there any other method we can use except full PROD DB restore ? Any addons or something that can help ? Any tips and tricks are warmly welcome !

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Tomáš March 28, 2022

Forgot to attache screenshot for XML import. Any ideas how to fix this error ? In order to perform Import ?MicrosoftTeams-image (38).png

Tomáš March 28, 2022

Hello @Rajesh Ramankutty,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunatel we have tried this add-on free version and unfortunatly you cannot recover project at PROD license with the free version and the payed version is very costly, budget wise for our company to use it only for one task :/
Thank you for your reply anyway Rajesh, appreciated !

Any other suggestions ? Anything is highly welcome and appreciated !

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