Programmatically interacting with the Java API using an external Script

Kuherrn Nagayaindran January 11, 2023

Hello everybody.

I've been trying to write some scripts to automate the menial bulk tasks. I understand Scriptrunner provides a nice avenue to programmatically interact with the Server (and Cloud) instance but I'm looking for an external setup that will allow me to be independent of any 3rd-party apps.

What I'm looking for:

  1. Project structure and setup (preferably in Groovy/Python/Java)
  2. Documentation for interacting with the Java API - I believe this is the right one (Server -
  3. Any 3rd party dependencies and plugins that need to be added to the project

I know my limited knowledge in programming is hampering me but I would like some "hand-holding". Advanced expressions of gratitude to any would-be responders.

Edit 1: A related post would be this -

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