Notify assignee when Tempo account is closed

Daria Pavlova May 11, 2023

Hi team!

We're using integration with Tempo Timesheets.

I would like to create a rule to notify assignee that the tempo account is closed so he should replace the closed account with a new one.

Actually I do not know how to make it in moment when the Account is closed but the way I see is to create JQL filter to show all tickets with closed accounts and than aply the rule.

The rule I need is to notify the assignee in the moment when the issue is caught by the filter (notify in ticket ot by email). How can I do it?

If you can offer any other ways to solve my case I would be very thankful!


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Lauren Cooper June 1, 2023

Not sure if you have solved this yet?

If not...

1. I would include the JQL in the Scheduled part like this:


2. Remove the Assignee=.......

3. Create an Account for testing

4. Assign yourself to an issue and give it the test Account

5. Then close the Account...

...and see if you get an email

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Daria Pavlova May 11, 2023

I created a scheduled rule and I try to send emails to assignees

Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 13.55.10.png

But I get the error
Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 13.50.32.png
This issue is assigned to me, the email is mentioned. What can be the problem?

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