Next Gen project Velocity report not showing committed

Alida Abzhanova March 8, 2021


I'm having trouble getting "Commitment" bar show up in my Next Gen project velocity reports.
We have story points estimates added to each story before we start the sprint.
What I do:

  1. Create an empty sprint
  2. Complete previous sprint and chose the option to move leftover items to new sprint

  3. add more items to new sprint, click start
  4. chose date and time half an hour after and go

I don't remember what I did differently that my sprint 6 actually did show they grey bar.
Can you please help me identify the exact steps so the commitment grey bar also shows?


Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 2.45.19 PM.png



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Callum Carlile _Automation Consultants_
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March 8, 2021

@Alida Abzhanova, I have seen this problem many times before, and it is to do with the start date/time of the sprint. By choosing the date and time half an hour ago as the starting point of your sprint, from Jira's point of view there was nothing in the sprint half an hour ago, so it gives you a commitment of zero. Even though you are clicking 'start sprint' now, Jira is being told to start reporting on the sprint from half an hour ago.

What I would do is steps 1-3 as you mentioned, but for step 4, leave the start time of the sprint as the default value (which would be the exact time now), so that way the total amount of estimated story points will be counted from the current time, rather than from half an hour ago

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